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Drug of Abuse Urine Test


Test to detect the use of 12 drugs and nicotine including instructions and a urinary test panel.


The product package includes instructions and a urinary test panel for testing the use of 12 drugs and nicotine.

Testing agents: 

1. Amphetamine, 2. Buprenorphine (e.g. Subutex, Temgesic), 3. Cocaine, 4. Ecstasy (Methamphetamine), 5. MDMA, 6. Ephedrine, 7. Heroin, 8. Codeine, 9. Morphine and Opiates, 10. Marijuana, 11. THC/Cannabis, 12. Hasis, and the Nicotine Test (COT, Tobacco Products including Electric Tobacco and Snuff).

  • No need to send the samples to any laboratory.
  • The results are immediately available.
  • Easy and reliable.

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